Room 614, Hope St Xchange, SR1 3QD +44 7733 111 929
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Siltoeq engineers have many years of experience
installing and operating Screen Changers, for a wide
range of areas including:
* Pipes & Profiles
* Blown & Cast Films
* Thermoformed Products
* Tapes, Turners, Ropes & Tubing
* Blow Moulding – Multilayers
They have worked with the complete extrusion
process and related equipment.
Our Engineers have trained and worked with the
industry’s leading extrusion equipment
Siloteq offers a range of high-quality services with
regard to our Siloscreens, we supply extensive
documentation so our Siloscreens can be installed
Once the line is in operation our Engineers offer
extensive training to all personnel.
Siloteq also provides packages for support:
* To set up lines
* To problem solve / audit
* To train staff
* To plan new projects
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