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Continuous Screenchanger
Our screenchangers are compact, they can be accommodated in the crowded space around the dies of blowmolding machinery.
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Filter Screens
We provide the ORIGINAL special, high tensile filter band for ALL SiloScreen units and can offer filtration Levels from 90 to 400 microns in sizes ranging from 30mm to 200mm as our standard screens. 
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Extrusion Pressure Controller
Maintaining a constant, stable extrusion pressure is critical to many extrusion processes SiloScreen EPC system maintains a stable, constant extrusion pressure no melt pump required.
Who we are

Since 2013 Siloteq have been manufacturers and distributors of Continuous Screen Changers to the Plastic Extrusion Industry.
Located in sunderland, North East of England, we manufacture the well known SiloScreen.

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